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Passage 10

十博提款审核需要多久Do you send and receive more phones calls or e-mail? If your answer is e-mail, or you wish it were, then a new breed of telecommunications devices called an e-mail phone or Internet phone may soon find its way into your kitchen or living room. Essentially, an e-mail phone, or e-phone for short, is the merger of telephone and computer. With most of these new screen phones, that means being able to read and reply to electronic mail directly from the phone, without starting up (or even owning) a PC. With some, it also means being able to search through the Web to make vacation plans or research homework assignments though at slow speeds and on a rather small screen. And you can still make phone calls, too.

No computer experience is required to use an e-phone. Most let you sign up with Internet service provider (ISP), which typically charges about $20 per month. Once you’repast this tedious work and enter the account information into the phone, you can check your e-mail from either your computer or phone.

To assess your e-mail account from one of these phones, you typically have to select e-mail service from a menu. Phones with touch screens have an icon (图标) for that on the opening screen. For other phones, you press one of the buttons lining the bottom or sides of the display, much as with an ATM machine. The phone then calls your ISP. When the ISP picks up, the phone automatically transfers your account name and password. Once accepted, the ISP will start sending the phone your messages. By touching the item you want to read or hitting a button next to it, the message will be displayed. Once you’ve read it, you can reply to the message, move onto the next one, or, with most phones, delete the message from your account. You can check your e-mail manually, but most e-phones can also be set to check several times a day automatically. In automatic mode, the phone flashes to tell you mail is waiting. If you happen to be using the phone when it is scheduled to check for e-mail, the phone will automatically try again when the line is free.

十博提款审核需要多久One serious drawback to e-mail by phone is that it cannot receive (or send) attached files, whether they contain documents or graphics. Some phones will attempt to display simple text files as part of the message, but other types of files will appear as gibberish(乱码), or not at all. If you share the e-mail account with a PC and don’t delete the message, however, you can usually retrieve the message and file on your computer.

十博提款审核需要多久36. An e-mail phone is an improved device of telecommunication in that ______.

A. it can record a message in the form of e-mails

十博提款审核需要多久B. it can be used to receive and send e-mails

C. it can be connected with computers

D. it can be used to visit websites

37. Compared with a traditional telephone, an e-mail phone probably ______.

A. has a colored screen

B. has a larger size

十博提款审核需要多久C. has similar key arrangement

D. does not have a receiver

38. When an e-mail phone is being used to make phone calls, it ______.

A. cannot receive new messages

十博提款审核需要多久B. send out a signal of new messages

C. cannot display e-mail messages

十博提款审核需要多久D. automatically checks new messages

39. One fundamental flaw of e-mail phones is that people cannot use it to ______.

十博提款审核需要多久A. receive or send e-mails with attached files

B. receive attached files with documents

C. read attached files with graphics

D. read only messages in the form of simple text

十博提款审核需要多久40. It can be inferred from the passage that e-mails phones are designed to ______.

A. make transmission of e-mail messages faster

B. make communication through e-mails cheaper

十博提款审核需要多久C. make communication through e-mails easier

D. make communication through e-mails more popular

Passage 10

十博提款审核需要多久36.【答案】B。解析:细节题。第一段第四句解释了e-mail phone的功能,即用电话代替电脑处理电子邮件,B与之相符。A为无关选项,可直接排除;第一段第四句指出,有了e-mail phone,即使不开电脑,也可以处理电子邮件,故排除C;第一段第五句说明不是所有的e-mail phone都可以浏览网页,故排除D。

37.【答案】B。解析:推断题。第三段描述了e-mail phone的使用方法,可以得知e-mail phone必须具备可以显示邮件信息的显示器以及用于登录账号及回复邮件所需的键盘,可以推知e-mail phone肯定比普通电话体积大,B与之相符。排除干扰显示电子邮件不一定需要彩屏,故排除A;e-mail phone除了普通电话的数字键,肯定需要字母键以及诸多功能键才能执行其功能,故排除C;第一段最后一句指出e-mail phone保留普通电话的通话功能,因此肯定带听筒,故排除D。

38.【答案】A。解析:推断题。根据题干定位到原文第三段最后一句。如果e-mail phone在查收电子邮件时占线,则会等通话结束后再自动查收,可以推知通话过程中不能接收新邮件,A与之相符。排除干扰第三段第十句说明只要有未读邮件,电话的指示灯就会不断闪烁,故排除B;不能接收新邮件不说明不能查看已接收的邮件,故排除C;D与第三段最后一句不符。

39.【答案】A。解析:细节题。根据题干one fundamental flaw定位到原文第四段第一句和第二句,可知it cannot receive (or send) attached files, whether they contain documents or graphics所以,一个根本的缺陷是不能接收或发送附件,故此题答案为A。

40.【答案】C。解析:推断题。从原文第一段第二句及第二段第一句得知,e-mail phone可以安装在厨房及客厅等最经常使用的场所,而且即使不会操作电脑的人也可以用它来收发电子邮件,因此使电子邮件通信更为便利、简单,C与之相符。




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