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Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark [A], [B], [C] or [D] on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

十博提款审核需要多久Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle viewed laughter as “a bodily exercise precious to health.” But ---__1___some claims to the contrary, laughing probably has little influence on physical fitness. Laughter does __2___short-term changes in the function of the heart and its blood vessels, ___3_ heart rate and oxygen consumption But because hard laughter is difficult to __4__, a good laugh is unlikely to have __5___ benefits the way, say, walking or jogging does.

十博提款审核需要多久__6__, instead of straining muscles to build them, as exercise does, laughter apparently accomplishes the __7__, studies dating back to the 1930’s indicate that laughter__8___ muscles, decreasing muscle tone for up to 45 minutes after the laugh dies down.

十博提款审核需要多久Such bodily reaction might conceivably help _9__the effects of psychological stress. Anyway, the act of laughing probably does produce other types of ___10___ feedback, that improve an individual’s emotional state. __11____one classical theory of emotion, our feelings are partially rooted ____12___ physical reactions. It was argued at the end of the 19th century that humans do not cry ___13___they are sad but they become sad when the tears begin to flow.

十博提款审核需要多久Although sadness also ____14___ tears, evidence suggests that emotions can flow __15___ muscular responses. In an experiment published in 1988,social psychologist Fritz Strack of the University of würzburg in Germany asked volunteers to __16___ a pen either with their teeth-thereby creating an artificial smile – or with their lips, which would produce a(n) __17___ expression. Those forced to exercise their smiling muscles ___18___ more exuberantly to funny cartoons than did those whose mouths were contracted in a frown, ____19___ that expressions may influence emotions rather than just the other way around. ___20__ , the physical act of laughter could improve mood.

1.[A]among [B]except [C]despite [D]like

十博提款审核需要多久2.[A]reflect [B]demand [C]indicate [D]produce

十博提款审核需要多久3.[A]stabilizing [B]boosting [C]impairing [D]determining

十博提款审核需要多久4.[A]transmit [B]sustain [C]evaluate [D]observe

十博提款审核需要多久5.[A]measurable [B]manageable [C]affordable [D]renewable

6.[A]In turn [B]In fact [C]In addition [D]In brief

十博提款审核需要多久7.[A]opposite [B]impossible [C]average [D]expected

十博提款审核需要多久8.[A]hardens [B]weakens [C]tightens [D]relaxes

9.[A]aggravate [B]generate [C]moderate [D]enhance

10.[A]physical [B]mental [C]subconscious [D]internal

11.[A]Except for [B]According to [C]Due to [D]As for

12.[A]with [B]on [C]in [D]at

13.[A]unless [B]until [C]if [D]because

14.[A]exhausts [B]follows [C]precedes [D]suppresses

十博提款审核需要多久15.[A]into [B]from [C]towards [D]beyond

16.[A]fetch [B]bite [C]pick [D]hold

十博提款审核需要多久17.[A]disappointed [B]excited [C]joyful [D]indifferent

十博提款审核需要多久18.[A]adapted [B]catered [C]turned [D]reacted

十博提款审核需要多久19.[A]suggesting [B]requiring [C]mentioning [D]supposing

十博提款审核需要多久20.[A]Eventually [B]Consequently [C]Similarly [D]Conversely


1.[C]despite 从后面一个句子中的little我们可以判断出这里的转折意为,因而本题选择despite;

2.[D]produce 此处前一个词does表示强调,根据上下文课意思可判断选项;

十博提款审核需要多久3.[B]boosting boost意思是促进增进、stabilize意思是稳定、impair是减少削弱、determine意思是决定。因而可以判断选boost;

4.[B]sustain 本题全凭词义选择:transmit 意思是传输;sustain,维持;evaluate,评估;observe,观察。

5.[A]measurable 本题一样是词义考察:measurable,可评估的;manageable,可掌握的;affordable,可承受的;renewable,可更新的。

6.[B]In fact 从后一句中的Instead of doing...可以看出此处有意群的转换,因而选择了"In fact",实际上……起到承前启后的作用。

7.[A]opposite 从前一句的 instead of 得知此处句意发生转折,因而选择opposite

8.[D]relaxes 从后一句"decreasing muscle tone",减少肌肉张力,可判断此处应选择relaxes,放松。

9.[C]moderate 也是从上一句的句意“放松肌肉、减少肌肉张力”可看出此处的意思应该相同,因而选择"moderate",稳定、减轻。

10.[A]physical 还是词义考察,同学们可以从这道题看出出题老师对形近字、意近字有多爱了吧…… physical,身体上的;mental,精神上的(这是一对,一定要记住!);subconscious,潜意识的;internal,内在的。

11.[B]According to 后一句提到"one classical theory of emotion",一个经典情感理论,说明是距离。所以此处连接词选择"According to"。

12.[C]in 这题的考点是介词和动词的搭配,如果你明白前一个root是“根、扎根”的意思,那么基本可以排除选项中的with,那到底是on, at 或是 in,就看日常积累了。

13.[D]because 这整句的意思是:“在19世纪末期有这样的争论:人们不是因为悲伤而哭泣,而是因为当流泪时会变得悲伤。” 因而此处选择表示因果关系的because。其他的until,直到;unless,除非;if,如果,都不符合。

14.[C]precedes 词义又来:exhaust,精疲力尽;follow,跟随;precede,在……之前;suppress,抑制。

十博提款审核需要多久15.[B]from 从动词flow,流动,来判断。

16.[D]hold 因为后一句提到“thereby creating an artificial smile”,从而创造一个虚假的笑脸。可以看出,无论是fetch或是pick(都是取来、捡来的意思)都是不对的,bite(咬)更不对。要维持一个笑脸,所以用"hold"。

十博提款审核需要多久17.[A]disappointed 这道题的技巧在于,无论是excited, joyful 或是indifferent,它们所能传达的面部表情都是类似的,因而得知选disappointed,失望的——得出不一样的表情。

18.[D]reacted 词义题:adapt,适应;cater,迎合;turn,转变;react,反应、

19.[A]suggesting 词义题:suggest,传达了、证明了;require,要求;mention,提到;suppose,假设。


20.[C]Similarly 从上一句的翻译大家可以看出,"the physical act of laughter could improve mood."(笑这个生理动作可以改善情绪),这个意思是和上一句一样的。所以应该选择similar,相同的。而不是其他三个选项。



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